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Family Dog Saves Little Girl from Being Abducted.

An 11-year-antique woman become nearly abducted Sunday morning in Pasadena while walking her dog, in keeping with her family. "He grabbed her by using the arm and said, 'Come on,'" said Bianca Hernandez, the victim's sister. The lady, a sixth-grade student in the Midland vicinity who become touring family, resisted the would-be abductor however become dropping the struggle till her canine, "Ray," a 2-year-old Beagle Mix, jumped into the fray, in line with the family. "He bit the man's left leg, she then ran home," Hernandez said Monday. Both the female and the dog survived the attack bodily unscathed. The assailant left the Willow Oaks Town home complicated on Willow Oaks Circle in Pasadena, just before 9:30 a.M. Sunday. Surveillance

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