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Why Your Hands Shake When Nervous And How To Stop It.

Right before I do any kind of public speaking my hands start shaking uncontrollably and i feel like my heart is exploding. How do I STOP this? Adrenaline is one of the most famous hormones in the animal kingdom and it's our response to a "stressor." Stressors can be anything; a sudden scare, playing sports, skydiving, or even performing in a play, or talking to a crush. After it's secreted by the adrenal glands, adrenaline kicks your body into high gear, increasing blood circulation, breathing and metabolism rates; and gets the muscles ready for action. All this activity can have some strange side-effects on your body, especially if you don't end up running for your life or fighting a rival for your next meal. Adrenaline is

What happens to the brain in Alzheimer’s?

What Happens to the Brain During Alzheimer’s? The brain is an incredibly complex thing. But, while it is one of the human body’s most impressive and important structures, it can also go wrong. Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. It’s a type of dementia, a term covering various progressive disorders that impact cognitive function. Common symptoms include memory loss, absent-mindedness, mood swings, and confusion. And, although there are other types of dementia, Alzheimer’s accounts for at least 60% of cases. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million Americans are living with the disease. And, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International, there are 35 to 50 million people who have Alzheimer’s worldwide. As a cure is yet to be found and the number

How Can You Use Science to Increase Your Motivation?

Every day you probably have to do at least one thing you’d rather not do. Maybe you have to finish a boring work project, or go to the gym again, or stick to your diet when you’d rather spend the day binging Netflix and eating Doritos. Sticking to your long-term goals requires motivation. But just like people, motivation is complicated! And understanding more about the science of motivation can help you stay on task at work and at home. Psychologists have divided motivation into two types: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is when you are driven by internal factors: you do something because you find it fun or interesting or meaningful. And extrinsic motivation is when you are driven by

Treatment of radiation Poisoning

Many of you may have gotten a small taste of what happens to people when exposed to radiation from HBO’s dramatic new show, Chernobyl. It’s gruesome and painful to say the least, and often life-threatening. And while watching, I couldn’t help but wonder: if Chernobyl had happened today, over 30 years later, how would we treat people suffering from radiation poisoning? What people experience when exposed to high doses of radiation is called Acute Radiation Syndrome, also known as radiation sickness or radiation poisoning. In other articles, we’ve covered in more detail what happens to your body when you get radiation sickness? The kind of radiation that we’re talking about is called ionizing radiation, meaning the particles doing the damage have enough energy

In Many Ways, Death Is The Meaning of Life.

One thing I can say about you right now, is that you are going to die, and yes this is scary, that is why today i am going to use scientific principles to help you understand and cope with the inevitable ending of your life. Grade 7 was the first i ever processed the concept of dying. I remember freezing in my tracks and thinking, wait so, this is all just going to end? Mommy! I eventually agreed with my own brain to suppres this fear and just go through the motions of life. I put excessive energy into schoolwork, got pimples, started date girls, realizing I only wanted to to them about the Lizzie McGuire movie, so I started dating