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Best Way to Flirt With Someone New

It doesn’t matter if you’re confident. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy.
If you are shy, you need to learn this because this are crucial when you are meeting women.

let me explain why flirting is important.
Flirting is the subtle mating dance that pretty much every single person ever done if they ever been with a woman.
Any woman and man who have ever gotten together, there was some flirting that was involved. This is way you show interest in someone, this is the way that you build attraction.
This is also the way that you get a girl interested in you.

My tip is when you’re flirting with a girl, what you want to do is create what I call an imaginary bubble.
You’re creating this imaginary bubble between you and the girl.
This bubble is encasing both of you and you’re zoning in on her in such a way where there’s no one else in the room.
Obviously there are other people in the room or wherever you’re meeting her.
The whole idea here is you’re just focusing on her.
You’re showing that you’re focused on her and that’s going to create a connection between you and it’s gonna act as if no one else is around.
That’s what you want. I call this zoning in.
You want to zone in on her and in a way this is showing interest but you’re not doing it verbally, you’re doing it more non-verbally.
A great way to do this is standing in front of her with maybe about 1.5 max 2 feet of distance comfortable space and making sure you guys are shoulder to shoulder and zoning in and talking to her.
This is a great way to flirt because it shows that subtle interest.

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