The life insurance policy, as in many other contracts, must also be analyzed in detail, to avoid future annoyances to the insured person. Get to know in this article the 5 things you should analyze before hiring health insurance.

There are several issues that must be considered before hiring health insurance. Such as:

1. Assess the coverage 

Most insurance companies offer plans with predefined packages of capital and coverage. Hospitalization, outpatient, and childbirth coverage are usually the most important and are included in most offers.

However, insurers have other plans that may be of interest to the insured, taking into account their personal or even family history, such as stomatology, prostheses, medications, and daily allowance in case of hospitalization.

Apart from basic coverage, and depending on the case, it may be necessary to add complementary coverage, varying the total amount payable for health insurance, thus depending on the financial availability and the needs of the insured.

The evaluation of the coverage also results in the opposite, that is if it is necessary to make cuts in it. Check all those coverages that are no longer needed, to get a plan with a better quality/price ratio.

Whether to remove or add coverage, always pay close attention to the health insurance that the insurer is offering you, as this may not be the one that best suits your needs.

2. Grace periods 

doctor listening to a patient at a health check up

It is transversal to (almost) all health insurances to have in their policy an item that refers to the grace period.

However, this period is not uniform among insurances, and even within the same insurance, there may be different grace periods for each type of coverage.

For example, in most cases, health insurance with childbirth coverage will have a minimum grace period of 9 months. Therefore, always pay attention to the duration of the grace period for the health insurance you want to hire, thus avoiding future surprises.

3. Pay attention to exclusions 

This is a very important factor that you must analyze in your insurance policy. This is because, when taking out health insurance, you are given a clinical questionnaire that aims to understand the state of your health, your medical history, as well as the diseases you are prone to. Depending on your responses to that questionnaire, the insurer may apply some particular exclusions, that is, your health plan may stop covering certain treatments.

In addition to private exclusions, you should also pay attention to general exclusions.

These conditions are automatically excluded from your health insurance, regardless of your clinical questionnaire. That is, according to information from the Consumer Portal, the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, health insurance, as a rule, does not cover psychological illnesses, check-ups, weight loss treatments, accidents, or illnesses resulting from sports practice, fertilization treatments, among others.

Prevent yourself through a detailed analysis of the health insurance exclusions you want to take out. This check can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

4. Review the clinical questionnaire 

Often, clinical questionnaires are filled out by someone over the phone. And, in most cases, the future insurer signs without reviewing his answers, so he may be surprised at a stage after signing the contract. To avoid any future problems, we advise that before signing any insurance policy, read your clinical questionnaire, so that you can confirm, one by one, all your answers.

5. Find an expert

If you turn to a specialist, who is not associated with an insurance company, you can save a lot of time and money on your family budget


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